I have always liked my small breasts, there isn’t much I do like but they are ok

I have always liked my small breasts, there isn’t much I do like but they are ok

So what the hell are these bowling balls doing jutting out of my chest? Matt finds them highly amusing and needs regular updates on their progression but for me it’s completely alien and I just keep repeating that I am only 16 weeks pregnant and surely these things shouldn’t be happening to me yet….. He just chortles! I am still in “normal” clothes but suddenly in the last two days, my stomach has popped, as has my belly button and try as I might, I can’t hold my stomach in. I know I’m stating the bloody obvious but for someone who has obsessed over weight for eons, this is taking some getting used to and of course there is bugger all you can do about it, so I guess I bloody well just have to get on with it.

How can something grow so damn quick?

So here I am, bigger busted, without my flat stomach and with a huge addiction to fruit, I am getting there, although kicking and screaming some days but still very aware of how lucky we are. I am loving the emails I receive from those of you who are going through the same battle that we did, we won eventually and so will you and I feel privileged that you are allowing me in on your journey……

After the 7 week scan , I scoured the internet on anything and everything to do with twins. I won’t lie, I was frightened! Not just about the financial implications but also on how we would cope practically. We live in a flat, without a lift, I am no spring chicken and therefore the birth poses all sorts of potential dangers, I have lots of friends and family but not many who are around the corner and they say you need someone with you to help for the first 3 months. The research seemed to panic me rather than calm me. Everyone was very sweet and said that they would all step in to help. There was of course the cost too…. 2 of everything. Car seats (have you seen the price of those things. ), twin prams ( your looking at around ?1,300), 135 nappies a WEEK! That’s one smelly flat… I needn’t go on, you can work it out yourselves. I wanted to be excited, I wanted to be grinning from ear to ear, after all, this was everything we had ever wanted, why couldn’t I forget the worries and just enjoy the moment.

You will get there too, I don’t doubt it for a minute

I had found a couple my link of good websites especially TAMBA (twins and multiple birth association) to join and found them really helpful and when the midwife from my surgery called to see how I was, she suggested herself that I should join and that I would get a lot of support from them. I did start to feel much better about it all and knew that we would cope and in fact it would probably be great fun having two around the place, apparently after a year they keep each other amused anyway, which is a bonus, it’s also a good idea to have them in the same Moses basket and then transfer them into the same cot too as they like to feel close to each other….. Yep, I was getting the hang of this twin thang, which was handy as we had our 9 week scan in a couple of days and we were anxious to see how the little one was coming along.

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