About Us

Handyman Services of Central Florida is a locally owned and operated home and business repair company. We have handymen that have been in the home repair business for over 15 years. The owners of this company have been in the housing business for over 30 years combined. Handyman Services of Central Florida is a one stop shop to repair, replace, or rebuild almost anything related to your property. Handyman Services for example can remodel your fireplace, install wood floors, install tile, fixtures, faucets, paint, and install blinds. Whether you need minor repairs, or a complete remodel we are your repair company. Our repairmen are craftsman not someone hired off the street.

Handyman Services of Central Florida provides exceptional work and attention to details. We not only look at the job we are bidding on, but we also give you ideas to save you money. If you want the best work without the hassle of calling back the repair company to redo their work, then call Handyman Services of Central Florida. If you are tired of waiting for the repair company to get started on your job, or the repair guy coming late to work, or never showing up, you won’t have to worry about that with us.

We specialize in customer service. Unlike other companies that just do small jobs or try to get as many jobs as they can then overlap scheduling them, we don’t operate that way. Once we schedule an appointment, we will show up on time and do the work right the first time.

If you have a specific project, honey do list, or have a property that needs to be put back together after a tenant moves out, we can do it all. If you are a property management company or own one house or five houses, call us or email us for a quote. You will have peace of mind that once we are on the job you can sit back and relax, the work is being done right and you can move on to another project.

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