Handyman Services of Central Florida did an awesome job on my fireplace. It used to look really old and outdated and now it looks fresh and new. “Thanks, you were awesome” !!!!
Julie D.
Our family room had carpeting and my son has allergies. Handyman Services came in and threw out the carpet and put down a wood floor. We have a lot less sneezing and coughing in our household. “Great job!”
Mike W.

We had estimates for over 5000.00 to replace all of our windows in our house. Handyman Services came in, caulked and weather proofed our windows and doors and my electric bill savings payed for what he did. I saved a lot of money. Thanks!!

Sue J.

My 1980’s style house had very poor lighting. Handyman Services came in and replaced my old lights with can lights. “I can see now”. You’re a doll!

Missy L.

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